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Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Compliant Data Protection Policy
Instructions at times request to gather and use certain information about individuals. This information can include customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people the organization has a relationship with or may need to contact. This policy describes how this personal data must be collected, handled and stored to meet the company’s data protection standards – and to comply with the law.

Why This Policy Exists
This data protection policy ensures debradandrea:

Complies with data protection law and follows good practice
Protects the rights of staff, customers and partners
Is transparent about how it stores and processes individuals personal data
Protects itself from the risk of a data breach
The General Data Protection Regulation
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect EU citizens’ data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the world approach data privacy. The GDPR aims primarily to give control back to citizens and residents over their  personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

What Is "Personal Data"?
"Personal data" is defined in both the Directive and the GDPR as any information relating to a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that person. So in many cases online identifiers including IP address, cookies and so forth will now be regarded as personal data if they can be (or are capable of being) without undue effort linked back to the data subject.

1. Information collection and tracking

1.1. When you visit our website

You can visit our website ( without giving away your personal information. We use Cookies in order to improve our service, user experience and analyze how our website is used. Aside from the approximate location (IP address), the information collected is mostly anonymous traffic data including browser information, device information, language. We do not collect additional information, such as your age, gender, interests, bank details or clickstream.

The collected information is used to either stay connected with our fans or provide a way to respond to request or questions about our website. It is not used for any additional purpose, such as to profile those who access our website.

2. When you contact us

While you can use our website without giving out your personal information, once you contact us via the website, we will collect information about you.

The information you fill in (personal information such as your name, email address, organization) will be processed and stored so that it is possible for us to contact and respond to your request, and/or allow you access to our services.

2.1. Recruitment

If you apply for a job with, we will collect, process and store the information you have sent us for recruitment-related purposes, such as contacting you. Additionally, we may keep your data for a period of time for the purpose of considering you for a different opportunity.

3. Social media plug-ins

Our website features plug-ins for easy sharing and following our social media pages: twitter, operated by plug-in.

Being on our website does not automatically result in sharing data on these social media networks. These plugins remain inactive (idle) until clicked upon. Once clicked upon, you will be taken to the said social media networks with their own specific privacy policies you are recommended to consult.

4. Information Security

When collection of information about you, we also make sure that your information is protected from unauthorized access, loss, manipulation, falsification, destruction or unauthorized disclosure. This is done through appropriate technical measures.

5. Access to Information

You have the right to request access to the information we have on you. You can do this by contacting us. We will make sure to provide you with a copy of the data we process about you. In order to comply with your request, we may ask you to verify your identity. We will fulfill your request by sending your copy electronically, unless the request expressly specifies a different method. For any subsequent access request, we may charge you with an administrative fee.

6. Information Correction & Deletion

If you believe that the information we have about you is incorrect, you are welcome to contact us so we can update it and keep your data accurate. Any data that is no longer needed for the purposes specified in Information Collection and Use or for any Regulatory Reporting purposes will be deleted.

If you have any queries about the personal data that we store, you can simply contact us.

7. When this Privacy Policy applies

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the services offered directly via our website. Our website may contain links to other websites. Once redirected to another website, this Policy is no longer applicable.

This version of the Privacy Policy is effective from January 2021.

8. Changes

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. We constantly review our Privacy Policy and strive towards making it better. We will not reduce your rights stated in this Policy without asking for explicit prior consent to the changes. All changes to our Privacy Policy will be available on this website. You can access the previous version of this Policy here.

9. To Sum Up

In accordance with applicable law, we only collect a limited amount of information about you that is necessary for improving our service. We do not use profiling, we do not sell or in any other way spread your data to third parties, and we do not use your data for purposes other than what we specified. We also make sure that your data is stored securely. We delete all information deemed no longer necessary. We constantly review our Privacy Policy in order to make it better and protect you more.

10. You can contact us at any time to:

Request access to information that we has about you
Correct any information that we has about you
Request Deletion of any non-contractual information that we has about you
If you have any additional questions about what we collect and store of such data, please contact us at.

Cookies are small files or other pieces of data which are downloaded or stored on your computer or other device that can be tied to information about your use of our website (including certain third party services and features offered as part of our website).


A device is what you use to reach our website, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer.

IP address

Internet Protocol (IP) address is a number that is connected to your device. An IP address can be used to determine the location of your device typically within a 40km radius, thus not being an exact determination of your location. IP addresses are basically how the Internet functions.

Personal information Personal information is information that can identify you. This can be your name, email, contact information or other type of information that can be traced back to you.

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Hey Fans thanks for stopping by, look for specials and discounts in my posts and messages and some of my social media sites.

Your support help me bring more FAN collectibles and much much more!

xOxO Debra

Community and Messages

Debra Dandrea

I am grateful to all my FANs. I am working on what I like to call Debra's Only Fans Plus. You can now be part of a special community who loves to show me the love. I train hard for may FANs and my way of giving back, is to give you a little something more to add to your private collection of me.

As a registered customer you will also be able to access the Download Shop Community of FANs and interact with us. You no longer have to worry about other social media apps to get the most current and update. It is fun with me and FANs who love muscle woman and especially me.

I hope that you all join my website which currently I try to update weekly. It is full of more fun with  my Videos, Photos, Music Channel and a bit more stuff. I  post on my YouTube channel. Youtube Channel: debradandrea

Here and on my site, unlike some of the social media site are making it hard to post adult content, I have more control on my official sites.

xOxO Debra

More Debra Dandrea (Official Sites )

If you didn't come via my site portal, that is ok. Here is a list of my sites:

  • ( free area)
  • ( subscription required ) **
  • ( shop online custom FAN Merch )
  • ( social media )
  • ( social media )
  • media) **
  • ( pay OnDemand videos of varying length and themes )

So you can see I have been busy since 2019 and hoping this start to make it fun for those who just cannot get enough of me! Love you all - xOxO Debra


** subscription required in app purchases

++ social media app GEEZERS PLUS(will return)

Debra's Downloads

Notice: Items on my REDBUBBLE store are NOT downloadable.

Debra Dandrea

Please email if you cannot find what you are looking for.

About pay options: Please review the FAQs for details about purchasing downloadable items.

Thanks for stopping by my store of downloadable media. These are for your special collection and I ask if you purchase something from my shop NOT TO POST photos or vids on other sites. I will even be taking special requests for custom photos/vids.  Some photos may even be digitally signed with a special message.


Important Payment Options

Currently I have two types of pay options for downloadable items:

  1. COD
    1. Alternate payment options can be arranged in most cases.
  2. Credit Card and Check(CC secure billing)
    1. Accepted types - checking, Discover, JCB, Dinner, (Visa/Visa Prepaid pending)

More Payment Options

Payments options are available on the Checkout page Select your type and chose place order
How to Redeem a coupon, gift card or promotion - under view cart input coupon code.

Purchase and Shipping


  • How to Search for Items and Shop
    • Pick a product category(tab), click item image, text or button to view an item
  • How to Purchase an Item
    • From item page set your price with dropdown and click add to cart
    • continue shopping or goto view cart to complete purchase by selecting checkout
  • How to Contact a Shop
    • Select contact us
  • Why Wasn't My Purchase Completed?
    • Review order email sent for details about purchase status
  • I'm Having a Technical Problem with Buying
    • Select contact us
  • How to Get Help Before You Order
    • Select contact us
  • What is a digital download item?
    • These are computer files in the form of JPG, MP4, PDF, Zip, Text or RTF formats.
  • What Is the Processing Time for an Item?
    • Most transactions are completed with in minutes of a valid payment. If an item requires an approval/request form, once the form has been completed and is active the item will be available for purchase and then follows normal processing times. Approvals can take 1 to 3 business days, but normally can be done in less than 24hrs.
  • Purchasing and Delivering Internationally
    • Digital Downloadable are available in most countries as long as your payment has been accepted.
  • The App for Android
    • It is recommended that you use a modern secure browser like Chrome for Android
  • The App for iOS
    • It is recommended that you use a modern secure browser like Chrome for iOS
  • How to Pay With PayPal
    • Currently not supported
  • How to Check Out as a Guest
    • on checkout do not select 'Create an account?' option box
      • It is recommended to register for better tracking of your orders



Downloadable Item:

There is no shipping on digital downloadable items. All such items are made available in your order via a link which is active once payment has been received.

Physical Item:

Items which are not in the form of a digital file and would require shipping to you directly, will be shipped in 3 business days. (This is the shipping time not the shipping method i.e. priority mail, next day, same day etc.)

Items Not available for purchase are items which may be avail on my alternate store such as redbubble

Why register?

As a member you will have the ability to shape OUR SHOP, it's your shopping experience that is important to me for entertainment and fun.

What's in it for you?


  • You will get to request for custom photos/videos. If you have a fetish for shoes, poses or clothing; this is your chance to build your collection with my special tastes and style.
  • Exclusive downloads before anyone else.
  • Behind the scene photos/videos.
  • Your funds will also help bring collectible items for sell or auction and signed by Me.
  • If you like social media: How about getting a special shoutout tweet from your Goddess Debra on a date and time you request.
Tech Stuff I know nothing about
  • Some browsers don't support 4K video play options. Like Older Versions of Safari.
  • Best browsers for social media Chrome.
  • HD still requires good bandwidth for wifi.
  • Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors are Awesome!(Galaxy S7)
Mobile Twitter Tips
  • Why do I get stuck on a twitter scroll?
    • First having the twitter here, you don't have to login to see the tweets! 🙂
      Second it is a feed, and as such if you scroll from the middle you are scrolling the feed.
      Most Mobile Screens do provide a lot of area in portrait mode, which is how most view their pages.
  • How to continue scrolling down the site page past the twitter section:
    • Use the far extreme edge of your phone screen and you will access the webpage scroll function. It can be trick but we all have to get use the little things. I wanted to bring the feed to the masses, so that why I have the feed featured here. The real fun stuff is scrolling up and shop in "OUR SHOP".
  • How do I stop the twitter app from opening and requesting login?
    • If you don't use twitter app disable or uninstall app. Then the default will be the mobile twitter URL in your browser.


How to preview before purchase

We understand you would like to preview the item before you purchase. Currently item previews are limited. You can follow the blog which may feature an item(s).  Some packages contain 1 photo or video and other can contain many photos or combination of such items.

The product feature picture is going to be the best representation of what you will receive without us given the item away by providing previews. As you help shape "Our Shop" there will be some creative ways that you can preview items.

How is the price set?

Currently the prices is set to the lowest amount we can offer for our secure transaction company. You might see a discounted price when ordering 2 or more items at once.

It it not to say the price the same for all items. Custom items will have a different price structure.

Why does an item with 1 item cost the same as one with 2 or more items?

As the Shop gets started we have marked items at the lowest price per item. At times, you might see bundle items which can be adjust for discounts. My goal is not to break your bank, but to provide you the best entertainment in collecting my works at a fair price.

Currently there are many entertainers requesting a monthly fee for much larger price scale.  As a #extrememusclefitness we hope to bring more options on a month/3month/yr access pass. Currently we like to think of you as a #fanpatron that is helping fund the Shop. Making it fun for you to visit, is also my goal; we have also include a members only blog and products. Membership is FREE, and you will have access to request exclusive items, custom items and get notification about new items before Guest do.

Where is my invoice?

Check your spam box if you don't see your order. Request Via Email or Login To Your Account (Mail from Shop Debra Dandrea).


Currently Accepting Limited Edition Coupon. If you got one, use it during checkout for FREE downloads.
RT and Follow Me (Free Coupon on my twitter feed!)

Refund Policy and Cancelation

Refund Policy And Cancelation

Please got to the customer service section for ccbill: click here

Use the contact email and phone number listed if you you are unable to find you what your are looking for. Please feel free to contact me before and I might be able to help you enjoy your selection more and avoid your request for refund.


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