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Become a Patron member for FREE. Debra's media downloads for Guest & Member. Exclusive Access of my official Photos and Video Clips. Your funds will help support more projects and bring you more personal items to "Our Shop".


Debra's Downloads

Debra Dandrea

Thanks for stopping by my store of downloadable media. These are for your special collection and I ask if you purchase something from my shop NOT TO POST photos or vids on other sites.

Product Categories

New Member registration can take awhile to get email. Check your spam box if you don't see your order request or registration email(Mail from Shop Debra Dandrea).  Currently Accepting Limited Edition Coupon. If you got one, use it during checkout for FREE downloads.
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Important Payment Options

Currently I have two types of pay options for downloadable items:

  1. COD
    1. Alternate payment options can be arranged in most cases.
  2. Credit Card and Check(CC secure billing)
    1. Accepted types - checking, Discover, JCB, Dinner, (Visa/Visa Prepaid pending)

More Payment Options

Payments options are available on the Checkout page Select your type and chose place order
How to Redeem a coupon, gift card or promotion - under view cart input coupon code.

Purchase and Shipping


  • How to Search for Items and Shop
    • Pick a product category(tab), click item image, text or button to view an item
  • How to Purchase an Item
    • From item page set your price with dropdown and click add to cart
    • continue shopping or goto view cart to complete purchase by selecting checkout
  • How to Contact a Shop
    • Select contact us
  • Why Wasn't My Purchase Completed?
    • Review order email sent for details about purchase status
  • I'm Having a Technical Problem with Buying
    • Select contact us
  • How to Get Help Before You Order
    • Select contact us
  • What is a digital download item?
    • These are computer files in the form of JPG, MP4, PDF, Zip, Text or RTF formats.
  • What Is the Processing Time for an Item?
    • Most transactions are completed with in minutes of a valid payment. If an item requires an approval/request form, once the form has been completed and is active the item will be available for purchase and then follows normal processing times. Approvals can take 1 to 3 business days, but normally can be done in less than 24hrs.
  • How to Request a Personalised or Custom Item
    • select the category for custom, then select the item you wish to purchase. The first step is the request form, once approved and on file, you will have the item available for selecting to purchase.
  • Purchasing and Delivering Internationally
    • Digital Downloadable are available in most countries as long as your payment has been accepted.
  • The App for Android
    • It is recommended that you use a modern secure browser like Chrome for Android
  • The App for iOS
    • It is recommended that you use a modern secure browser like Chrome for iOS
  • How to Pay With PayPal
    • Currently not supported
  • How to Check Out as a Guest
    • on checkout do not select 'Create an account?' option box
      • It is recommended to register for better tracking of your orders



Downloadable Item:

There is no shipping on digital downloadable items. All such items are made available in your order via a link which is active once payment has been received.

Physical Item:

Items which are not in the form of a digital file and would require shipping to you directly, will be shipped in 3 business days. (This is the shipping time not the shipping method i.e. priority mail, next day, same day etc.)

Items Not available for purchase are items which may be avail on my alternate store such as redbubble

Why register?

As a member you will have the ability to shape OUR SHOP, it's your shopping experience that is important to me for entertainment and fun.

What's in it for you?


  • You will get to request for custom photos/videos. If you have a fetish for shoes, poses or clothing; this is your chance to build your collection with my special tastes and style.
  • Exclusive downloads before anyone else.
  • Behind the scene photos/videos.
  • Your funds will also help bring collectible items for sell or auction and signed by Me.
  • If you like social media: How about getting a special shoutout tweet from your Goddess Debra on a date and time you request.
Tech Stuff I know nothing about
  • Some browsers don't support 4K video play options. Like Safari.( It was removed or because of file encoding formats).
  • Best browsers for social media Chrome.
  • HD still requires good bandwidth for wifi.
  • Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors are Awesome!(Galaxy S7)
Mobile Twitter Tips
  • Why do I get stuck on a twitter scroll?
    • First having the twitter here, you don't have to login to see the tweets! 🙂
      Second it is a feed, and as such if you scroll from the middle you are scrolling the feed.
      Most Mobile Screens do provide a lot of area in portrait mode, which is how most view their pages.
  • How to continue scrolling down the site page past the twitter section:
    • Use the far extreme edge of your phone screen and you will access the webpage scroll function. It can be trick but we all have to get use the little things. I wanted to bring the feed to the masses, so that why I have the feed featured here. The real fun stuff is scrolling up and shop in "OUR SHOP".
  • How do I stop the twitter app from opening and requesting login?
    • If you don't use twitter app disable or uninstall app. Then the default will be the mobile twitter URL in your browser.


How to preview before purchase

We understand you would like to preview the item before you purchase. Currently item previews are limited. You can follow the blog which may feature an item(s).  Some packages contain 1 photo or video and other can contain many photos or combination of such items.

The product feature picture is going to be the best representation of what you will receive without us given the item away by providing previews. As you help shape "Our Shop" there will be some creative ways that you can preview items.

How is the price set?

Currently the prices is set to the lowest amount we can offer for our secure transaction company. You might see a discounted price when ordering 2 or more items at once.

It it not to say the price the same for all items. Custom items will have a different price structure.

Why does an item with 1 item cost the same as one with 2 or more items?

As the Shop gets started we have marked items at the lowest price per item. At times, you might see bundle items which can be adjust for discounts. My goal is not to break your bank, but to provide you the best entertainment in collecting my works at a fair price.

Currently there are many entertainers requesting a monthly fee for much larger price scale.  As a #extrememusclefitness we hope to bring more options on a month/3month/yr access pass. Currently we like to think of you as a #fanpatron that is helping fund the Shop. Making it fun for you to visit, is also my goal; we have also include a members only blog and products. Membership is FREE, and you will have access to request exclusive items, custom items and get notification about new items before Guest do.

Where is my invoice?

Check your spam box if you don't see your order request or registration email(Mail from Shop Debra Dandrea).


Currently Accepting Limited Edition Coupon. If you got one, use it during checkout for FREE downloads.
RT and Follow Me (Free Coupon on my twitter feed!)

Refund Policy and Cancelation

Refund Policy And Cancelation

Please got to the customer service section for ccbill: click here

Use the contact email and phone number listed if you you are unable to find you what your are looking for. Please feel free to contact me before and I might be able to help you enjoy your selection more and avoid your request for refund.


Contact Us

I have and issue. Let us know: Use Subject: Debra Shop Help

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