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“Tips & Gifts”

If you like what I am doing and you would like to show your appreciation, you can give it in the form of a Gift Certificate. From 5.00 to 2000.00

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This is a transferable Gift Card.

I will use the gift towards an item from my FAN Merchandise store. Depending on the amount you choose, you can make a request for a special photo or message.

Special Request:
I will either post on my site or send exclusively to you a photo or video posing with the item if the gift amount is 100.00 or more.

If an item you want me to wear and then send to you, you will need to use the clothing request form first. The form request would also be used, if this will be an existing item I have worn before(if available) or an item from the FAN Merchandise that you would like me to be wearing.

(Do to current issues, shipping can take some time for me to get the item).

Email to: fanmerch@shop.debradandrea.me or use my “Hey Debra?” app on my site.

Additional information

Send Me A Gift

Thank you for thinking of me and sending me your gift card from Redbbuble.


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